Welcome to my page!

I’m a local Miami artist that enjoys working with his hands and making beautiful things. What I specialize in is finding, cutting, sanding and the illustrating on slabs of wood. The warmth and organic feel I get from using a canvas with life is something exhilarating to me. Nature is already a work of art. What better way to expand on that perfection and make some thing truly unique to the eye.  I make every piece my self and they range from large to small, custom coasters to illustrations.

Wood: One thing that draws me to create is working with wood. For me, it’s not enough to go to a store and purchase a canvas and start creating. Finding the perfect piece, sanding it down to the grain and then I begin to illustrate. This is my canvas. Along with my passion for all things ink and wood, I love creating a piece that is not only beautiful to look at but also has function. So I though and thought. What can I create that has a piece of me but also has purpose? I came up with coffee tables. Merging steel and wood together to have a truly unique look and feel that will stand out in any home or office setting.

My style:  I enjoy good line work. Good line work and shading lends a hand to the spaces in between. My work is simple but detailed. I don’t use much back ground imagery because I like the simplicity of having the grain of the wood tell the rest of the story. After all, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Is it not? Drawing from life and ideas, I usually gravitate to a darker style. Part of me enjoys fusing ideas or environments on certain illustrations. When I need some real contrast I turn to paper. Using micron pens and sometimes watercolor I get lost in the texture. Creating a sharp contrast between both spectrums of color. I’ve been illustrating since 2009 and I have a quite a few illustrations. Have some thing in mind? Feel free to email me and we can brainstorm on your next big project.

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